Essential tools for School Admins!

“We have been using ADusers now for well over 6 years in a K-12 environment that sees at least 600 AD account changes every school year. Your product is simply awesome and I can’t believe the quality of your support (only called twice as the software is pretty self explanatory). Thank you for offering a product that saves so much time and is essential for anyone that is managing users via Active Directory.”

Kevin Dwight, Technology Director, Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers

ADtoolkit Updates Please Long-Time Customers

“All these years and still the best AD tool!”

Levin Hitch, YMNet, Inc

Our Customers are Customers for Life!

“I have purchased and used your products at my last two permanent jobs. I think they are the best tools available and the price is very reasonable. I plan to continue recommending them to the companies I work with as a consultant. Thanks!”

Troy McDonald, Consulting CIO, vcfo

Quick and Easy Execution Saves Time

“I created 260 users with shared home folders, permissions just 5 minutes! Wish I had this software in the past, it would have saved me a lot of time.”

Mike Harrison, Washwood Health Academy

The Reports You Need. Quickly.

“After a few mouse clicks and keystrokes the report I needed was complete, all in a matter of seconds. Where it would have taken hours, maybe even days, to compile by hand it was completely done in seconds in your product. No muss, no fuss. Instead of trudging away all day making DST fixes to servers manually, I spent a few minutes with a script and let the power of ADtoolkit reports do the rest. Javelina Software!”

Jeff Honey, Network Administrator, PS America, Inc.

Intuitive Reporting in ADtoolkit

“What I like about ADtoolkit is that the report writer is intuitive so users can spend time working with the information instead of working to get the information."

Robert Blackwell, Field Support Analyst, Atmos Energy

A Valuable Tool

“Invaluable! ADtoolkit quickly became our most used and valued tool.”

Jeffrey Mundt and Bob Messenger, Network Engineers, Muscular Dystrophy Association

Easily Re-Map User Home Folders!

“I use ADtoolkit on a regular basis for resetting user passwords. It's very nice when we had to remap all the user home folders from one drive letter to another.”

Bill Gowan, Technology Coordinator, Phelps - Clifton Springs Central School District

A Simple User Interface!

“ADtoolkit allows me the ability to easily query and manage my Active Directory with a simple user friendly interface.”

Al Pulsinelli, Network Operations Manager, Monroe Township Board of Education

Helpful Tech Support

“… I already installed the software, licensed it, and imported 2600 users. Wow! Your tech support was very helpful with the few questions I had -- the software is very easy to figure out. Thanks for everything!”

Chris Netter, Manager of Computer Services, Marple Newtown School District      

Easier for School AD Administrators!

“Before ADtoolkit, it took several days to manually set up new accounts for each new student.”

Les Peterson, Technology Coordinator, James Monroe Middle School

Can't do without ADtoolkit at our school!

“ADtoolkit makes problems with Active Directory user updates a thing of the past... this program is what Microsoft was missing. Over 200 student user privilege changes each year, with countless small issues during the year in Active Directory. I can’t even think how we could do it without ADtoolkit.”

Thomas James McGee, Information Technology, Franklin Academy

Create or Delete Hundreds of Accounts at a Time!

“We couldn’t operate without an add-on for AD, and ADtoolkit has answered all of our needs so far, from getting all the freshman accounts created for the start of the fall semester, to deleting hundreds of dormant accounts at a time. It’s a great product and well supported (thanks, Joan!)”

G. William Wadlinger, Director of Academic Computing, Chestnut Hill College

ADtoolkit does it all in minutes

“ADtoolkit has made working with Active Directory a dream. Managing groups of users, modifying permissions, moving entire home folders to new locations. I really like the Users/Add feature, we added on average 300-400 students every August and ADtoolkit has taken out the long involved process of doing so, now we can do it all in a matter of minutes.”

Michael Wentland, Network Administrator, Caton Public Schools

Save Time and Money!

“ADtoolkit is a first-rate solution for Active Directory administrators who want to save time and money by performing their AD tasks in bulk. “We’re glad to see partners like Javelina Software offering products that further enhance Microsoft Active Directory operations,”

David Martinez, a Technical Product Manager in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corp.

Ease Your Administrative Burdens

“Our goal has always been to ease the Active Directory administrator from the burden of these time consuming tasks… we listen to our customers and continue to enhance our product accordingly.”

David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software