Javelina Software wins Bronze in Active Directory® Category

(Edgewater, MD - 1.29.2004) Javelina Software today announced that their premier solution for Active Directory management, ADvantage, was selected as the bronze winner in the Active Directory category for SearchWin2000.com “Products of the Year” award.

The editors of TechTarget’s SearchWin2000.com presented awards to products that “represent the best products in the industry.” The awards were judged by a panel of industry experts, including the editors of TechTarget’s SearchWin2000.com, a select group of users, and independent industry analysts, with input from SearchWin2000.com members. Each category had its own set of judges, who rated the products in six categories: innovation, performance, ease of integration, ease of use and manageability, functionality, and value.

The editors of SearchWin2000.com wrote that ADvantage, the “Bronze Award winner in our Active Directory category, is a client package that can be used to modify, in seconds, large numbers of user home directories or profile paths. The new version includes 10 tools for managing groups and contacts. The latest
version also has improvements in its existing tools, which include the ability to add multiple e-mail address aliases, and add or modify dial-in attributes, among other things. The application does not require a third-party database to be configured prior to use. Once the client is installed, it's ready to make modifications.”

“Javelina Software is dedicated to providing affordable, and innovative software to the Active Directory market” says David Ritchie, President, Javelina Software. “We’re so honored to receive this award from SearchWin2000.com and their members.”

Pricing and Availability

ADvantage v2.0 is available at $995 per admin copy, and bulk discounts apply.

About Javelina Software

Javelina Software is an innovative solution provider, dedicated to providing simplified management of leading network directories. ADvantage Elements are the newest addition to Javelina Software’s line of Active Directory management solutions. ADvantage ensures simplified, expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory® (AD). Javelina Software’s Migration Toolbox, the leading solution used by Banyan Vines customers who are migrating to Active Directory, shipped in 1999 and seamlessly migrates users, groups, and mailboxes. Migration Toolbox has since facilitated the rollouts of Active Directory implementations all over the world. And, Javelina Software’sJavelina Software Announces ADvantage founding product, HappyMail®, is an e-mail client for Banyan Vines networks. Javelina Software now provides companies a smooth transition to and efficient administration of their Windows 2000 networks.

For more information about Javelina Software, please visit our website at
www.javelinasoftware.com or contact us at 800.822.5484.



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(800) 822-5484

New Cost Effective Solutions Provide Options For Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators

ADvantage Elements and ADvantage v2.0 Provide Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators Flexible Management Options

New Solution for Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators Streamlines Tasks and Enables Efficient and Cost Effective Management