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Flexible and Extensive Active Directory Reporting

ADreporter™ enables users to harvest raw Active Directory data into reports that make sense. It provides hundreds of built-in reports, with access to over a thousand different attributes for all the major Active Directory objects: Users, Groups, Contacts, and Computers. You can even report on printers, OUs, and shares! ADreporter supports many common filetypes, so you can import your exported data into your program of choice, like Microsoft Excel.

Easy Point-and-Click Interface

Getting the information you want out of Active Directory can be surprisingly difficult. Even something as simple as exporting the list of users in a group is simply not possible with Microsoft's Users & Computers. But it doesn't have to be that way. ADreporter makes tons of properties available, from built-in Active Directory attributes to WMI values (Computer Processor Info), values retrieved from Remote Registry (Installed Programs), and even computed properties like Password Last Set, all from one simple interface.

Use the ribbon to switch between report categories, select a report from the report tree and take a look at a sample report in the Report Preview pane before running the report with the Run button in the ribbon.

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ADreporter Key Features:

  • Report on Active Directory Users, Contacts, Groups, Computers, OUs, Printers, and Shares
  • Hundreds of standard reports included (see below)
  • Create customized reports without scripting
  • Schedule reports to run at your convenience
  • Filter reports to show only the information you need
  • Export reports in common formats, like CSV and PDF


Just a sample of our prepackaged reports:

Active Directory User Reports

  • Inactive Users
  • Expired Users and Soon to Expire Users
  • Recently Modified Users
  • User Mailbox Information
  • Password Expiration Dates (Example)
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Group Membership

Active Directory Group Reports

  • Group Members (Example)
  • Empty Groups
  • Group Types and Scopes
  • Nested Membership
  • Built-in Groups
  • Recently Modified Groups

Active Directory Contact Reports

  • Address Information (Example)
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Recently Modified Contacts
  • Group Membership

Active Directory OU Reports

  • Empty OUs
  • Object Counts
  • Recently Created or Recently Modified OUs

Active Directory Share Reports

  • Share Names and Descriptions
  • Share Permissions
  • Current Usage and User Limits

Active Directory Computer Reports

  • Disabled Computer Accounts
  • IP Addresses
  • Detailed Operating System Information
  • BIOS Information

Active Directory Printer Reports

  • Print Queue Information
  • Printer Shares
  • Printer Characteristics
  • Printer Location, Model, and Description


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