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ADtoolkit 7 has arrived!

You heard it, the next version of ADtoolkit is finally here, and it's arriving in style! ADtoolkit 7 brings a brand new interface, redesigned with a focus on day-to-day Active Directory administration. While the new interface is certainly the most obvious difference, don't let that fool you. We've been hard at work on our requests list and have implemented several of ADtoolkit's most requested features. This version is absolutely loaded with new features and improvements.

Below is an overview of the major enhancements in ADtoolkit 7. Take a look, then click the button below to download a free trial.

ADtoolkit 7 Main Interface

Feature Overview

Property Tools

While previous versions of ADtoolkit have focused only on bulk modification of AD objects, our new property tools can be used to view and edit the properties of a single AD object. Simply double click on any object from the home tab to modify the current state of that object; or, create your own custom property tools in the custom tool editor and see only the attributes you need to see.


Our new collections can be used for easily managing groups of related objects that may not be located in the same container. Objects can be added to collections by manually selecting them, importing them from a file, or applying a filter. And, since collections are evaluated at run time, you can be sure you're modifying exactly the objects you want to modify. Create custom collections or choose one of the many built-in collections to modify, delete or move groups of related objects anywhere in your directory.

Report Layouts and Instant Preview

Instant report previews allow you to quickly see sample reports and zoom in for more detail. Changes to the paper sizes, margins, and page orientations will instantly be reflected on the preview. Even better, you can interact directly with the preview to edit column settings, like dragging between columns to adjust their widths. ADtoolkit 7 also adds support for exporting reports in HTML and Excel formats. To view an example HTML report, click here.

New Custom Tool Editor

We've redesigned our tool editor to use easy operation building blocks. Instead of having to remove things from our built-in tools, you can now build custom tools from scratch to perform any task you need, whether it's modifying AD attributes, or taking advantage of our new operations like sending emails or running external programs. Every control in a tool can be customized using the tool editor's property pane, by setting a default value, disabling it, or making it required. Further customize your tools by changing label text or hiding the tool interface. Finally, test your tools before adding them to the interface by running them on an existing object or letting us create a test object for you.

Redesigned Task Editor

Our new task editor view allows you to run multiple tools or reports on the same schedule. And of course, you can use ADtoolkit 7's new operations for launching external programs or powershell scripts, or sending emails. Easily toggle tasks between enabled and disabled to pause them for a period of time. Finally, choose to automatically save or email task output files as you see fit.

Improved Templates and Auto Generate Fields

Our new templates are now more powerful than ever. Almost every control in our tools can be set using the value of another field through template parameters. Either choose a predefined template or use our custom template editor to set up your own. Each parameter also contains several options including converting to uppercase/lowercase, limiting the amount of characters shown, setting a date format, etc. Fields that need unique names can take advantage of our backup templates to use secondary naming schemes if the first template already exists. Tools can also be designed to take advantage of auto-generate templates, which will automatically fill in a field as you use the tool to enter values for other fields.

Enhanced Filtering

Fulfilling a long-requested feature, we've added support for complex Boolean filters. You can now group conditions together and filter on multiple attributes at a time using nested AND and OR groups. The example filter in the screenshot to the right shows off this functionality by matching on all employees in the sales or engineering departments in both Maryland and Delaware offices.

OU Tools

Along with tools to modify users, contacts, computers, and groups, ADtoolkit now includes tools for single and bulk modification of OUs! Use our built-in tools or use the custom tool editor to create your own tools to do specific OU tasks.

Download a free trial

ADtoolkit 7 is available now! If you like what you've read and want to try it out for yourself, click the big yellow button below to get your 15-day free trial. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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