What is the Scheduled Tasks View?

The ADreporter Scheduled Tasks View is used for creating, modifying, and running ADreporter scheduled tasks. ADreporter Scheduled Tasks are very similar to scheduled tasks that you might see in Microsoft's Task Scheduler. They contain a name, an execution schedule, and a description, in addition to a list of actions to perform. In ADreporter Scheduled Tasks, actions include things like running an ADreporter report, or sending an email.

Task View Layout


The Scheduled Task view provides an easy way to view and modify ADreporter Scheduled Tasks. The interface is divided into three main sections, described in detail below.

The Ribbon
The ribbon is positioned across the top of the interface, and has buttons to create new tasks or modify the currently open one.

Task List
The Task List is shown on the left side of the interface. It contains any previously created ADreporter Scheduled Tasks.

Task Settings
The Task Settings pane is shown on the right side of the interface. It is used to modify the currently selected task in the Task List.

The Ribbon

The ribbon in ADreporter's Task View provides two primary functions:

  1. Modifying the task list by adding new tasks, or copying/editing/removing existing ones
  2. Toggling the state of the currently open task between Enabled and Disabled

Click on the New button to create a new task. ADreporter will prompt you for a name for the task, then open the task, allowing you to add actions, or modify the execution schedule.

The Delete and Make a Copy buttons will remove or make a copy of the selected task, respectively. The remaining buttons on the ribbon act on the currently open task. The Enable and Disable buttons will toggle the state of the task. Enabled tasks will run automatically on the schedule defined in their Schedule setting, whereas Disabled tasks will require you to run them manually by clicking the Run Now. The Save button will commit any changes made to the currently open task. Lastly, the Refresh button will reload the currently open task from the disk to update the Status and Last Run On fields.

Task List

The Task List contains all previously created ADreporter Scheduled Tasks. Selecting a task from this list will open the task, loading it into the Task Settings pane to the right. Tasks in the task list are divided into Enabled and Disabled categories. Use the Enable/Disable buttons in the ribbon to move a task between these two categories.

Task Settings

The Task Settings pane is divided into two main components, the Task Settings fields above and the Action List below.

The Task Settings fields define basic properties for the task, such as its name and current status, in addition to the schedule and output settings for the task. The task's schedule defines the times the task will run. Click the button to modify the schedule via the Schedule Wizard. Likewise, the Logon As and Output settings can be modified by clicking the button at the end of the corresponding fields.

The Action List is the list of actions the task will perform. ADreporter tasks can contain two different types of actions: running a report or executing a single operation such as sending an email or running an external program.

The task list is modified with the toolbar buttons in the top right corner of the field. Below is a description of the Action List buttons:

Button Description
New Report Action Add an action to the task that will launch an ADreporter report. This button will launch the Report Action Wizard.
New Other Task Action Add an action to the task. This button will launch the Task Action Dialog, which will allow you to choose an action and specify its settings. Available actions include sending an email, running an external program, and more.
Edit Item Depending on which item in the Action List is selected, this button will launch either the Tool Action Wizard, the Report Action Wizard, or the Task Action Dialog to allow you to change the settings of the currently selected task action.
Delete Removes the currently selected Task Action from the Action List.
Move Up Moves the selected item up.
Move Down Moves the selected item down.

Report Action Wizard

The Report Action Wizard is used to create or modify a "Run a Report" task action. To access the Report Action Wizard, click the New Report Action button in the header of the Action List.

Select a Report Page

The Select a Report page allows you to choose a report to run during your task. Click the Browse button to access the Select a Report dialog. All ADreporter Active Directory Reports are shown in the list, sorted into categories as they are in the Reports tab of the ribbon. Select the report you wish to run from this list, then click OK to return to the Report Action Wizard.

Remaining Pages

The remaining pages of the Report Action Wizard are similar to the corresponding pages of the New Report Wizard, which you can read about on the Reports page. The settings from the report you selected on the Select a Report Page will be loaded into these pages, and you'll be given the opportunity to make any changes your task requires. If the report is already configured to your needs, you can quickly click through each page and return to the Task View.

Task Action Dialog

The Task Action Dialog is used to create or modify task actions. To access the Task Action Dialog, click the New Other Action button in the header of the Action List, or edit an existing task action.

The available task actions are listed in the list on the left side of the dialog. Select an action from this list, and complete the associated settings in the right pane. The example above is from our Send Password Reminders task. The Send an Email action is selected and configured to send a notification email to our low-level administrator. When you have finished setting up your action, click OK to save your settings and return to the Task View.